How to Make A Great Coffee


how to make a great coffee

For many around the world, tarting the day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee is one of lifes pleasures. We are no different, and our day doesn’t start until we have had a very strong cup of coffee.   Being able to make a great cup of coffee is not difficult but there are some things that will take your coffee from drinkable to great.

All great cups of coffee start with two main ingredients – water and coffee.  Depending on the type of coffee maker you have you may be starting with coffee pods, but if not try and start with the freshest coffee beans you can find. This will ensure you have fresh beans – and therefore, fresh coffee.

Buy the best adjustable grinder you can afford because freshly grinding your beans is the key to maximising the taste and smell of your coffee. Burr grinders are ideal because they grind the beans evenly and finely. Once the beans are ground, the granules’ much larger surface area makes the mix more likely to oxidise (ie go off). Make sure the coffee is kept in an airtight container in the dark once it’s opened. Don’t keep it in the fridge.

Decide on the brew method you like. In the extraction method, pressurised water is forced through the coffee, by an espresso machine or the stove-top maker the Italians call a caffettiera. This forces the water through the grounds, extracting the oils in the process which in turn produce the flavour.

In the infusion method, such as plungers or the simple filter-type systems, water is in contact with the coffee for longer. This method is good for single origin coffees as are cold brew coffee makers.

Most of all, if you can try different methods and beans – finding the best coffee for you is a journey of discovery.

At Homemaker Tools you will find more information about different types of coffee makers, so be sure to check those out!

how to make a great coffee

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