Homemaker Tools is a place to find the next appliances and tools needed to make your home amazing.  We are Alice and John, a homemaker and a chef.  We believe in making sure they have the right tools at home to care for themselves, their home and everything else in between!  We also love to be surrounded by beautiful things that make our lives that much easier.  We won’t sacrifice function for beauty though.

Homemaker Tools

Homemaker Tools is our place to share those things we like and think could make your home life easier.  We are starting in the Kitchen and over time will be adding to this site – so subscribe and you will be up to date with anything new we post.

Here you will find information about the best products for your

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We have started with our love – Coffee! Here are our Coffee articles, subscribe to be the first to get our latest reviews.

We are continuously publishing new articles and will have reviews on Blenders, Food Processors, Mixers and Bread Makers coming in the next weeks.  If you want to see something specific let us know in the comments or here.